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September Recipe: YuMiXu (Corn Silk) And Dandelion Tea For Brighter Skin

With summer coming to a close and fall approaching, our skin has been exposed to harsh elements and will continue to. We have a tea that incorporates Chinese medicine principles to combat dampness and heat in the body and brighten the skin. Check out our recipe for this detoxing YuMiXu (Corn Silk) and Dandelion tea blend.

YuMiXu, also known as corn silk, has been used a remedy in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Corn is in season, making it really easy to access this awesome, healing ingredient! Corn silk is great for combatting eczema, clearing damp and heat in the body, reducing hypertension and brightening the skin.

Dandelion is another powerful herb that has been used for thousands of years for its powerful healing properties. Dandelion is detoxifying, liver clearing and amazing for chronic skin conditions.

Just with these two simple ingredients, you can make a change to your skin from the inside out!


• YuMiXu aka Corn Silk aka corn husk (dried)

• Dandelion tea (loose leaf or in tea bag) or dried dandelion herb from your local herbal apothecary


•Dry corn husk either in the sun/outside heat or in a low heat setting in the oven, just until moisture is gone in the husk

•Boil the dandelion in water over stove.

•Steep corn husk in the dandelion tea for 3-5 minutes.

•Enjoy this skin detoxifier! Get comfy with your pet or an awesome blanket with a book and pamper yourself and your skin.

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