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60 minutes for $95          75 minutes for $115           90 minutes for $130        120 minutes for $170

Cupping therapy uses negative pressure on the skins surface, which allows for muscle tension and toxins to be pulled out of the tissues and into the skin layer for further detoxification. This negative pressure will also allow for fresh oxygenated, nutrition rich blood flow to those deeper muscles allowing for faster recovery. Often one cupping treatment can have the same effects as three or more deep tissue massages. 

Body Cupping

Body cupping is indicated for muscles and joints that are especially tight or restricted. Silicone, plastic and/or glass cups are placed in strategic muscle areas then active and passive stretching is employed. This specific active release protocol can benefit range of motion, lactic acid metabolism, and help repair tight sore muscles. Cupping can be done all over the body; back, legs, and arms. Many people report feeling lighter, more vibrant and looser. 

Facial Cupping

Cupping for facial rejuvenation can benefit the overall complexion of the face, minimize pores, lift and tone the facial muscles; which can result in a younger rejuvenated face. While this treatment is mostly cosmetic people who suffer from allergies, headaches or even a foggy feeling in the head can benefit from the lymphatic drainage that naturally occurs during this treatment. 

Cellulite Cupping

Cellulite can appear for many reasons. The primary causes are age, diet and exercise, hormones, and most importantly the lymphatic system not running smoothly. The method of releasing the connective tissue in the legs followed by gentle circulation will diminish the signs of cellulite over time. 

Read more on cellulite cupping HERE.


Suggested 8-12 treatments (no less than 1-2 times per week) for full results. Maintenance once a month or as needed. 


60 minutes  

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Please expect that cupping therapy will leave marks that could last for several days to weeks depending on how stagnated the area is. The marks are not bruises and they will fade faster with movement and better circulation throughout the body. To help detoxify and reduce markings one should hydrate generously with water to flush out remaining toxins. Refraining from alcohol consumption is also recommended.

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