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Guiding Patients to Living a Healthy and Pain Free Life

Here at Rx Acupuncture we strive to guide patients to not only long lasting results but also provide the tools to take control of long term health and wellness.
Life is such a precious gift our goal is to help you live it to the fullest.

Our Story

Rx Acupuncture has evolved over the years initially focusing on athletic support and performance to now helping patients reaching their fullest health potential. In the recent years we have noticed huge shift in how stress and trauma can inhibit one from not only enjoying the sweetness of life but also causing pain and dis-ease in body.

Rx Acupuncture strives to help you heal all aspects of the mind body relationships. 


Jamie was extremely thorough during the patient intake interview(more so than my current Dr.), then she went straight to work. She treated my acute issue, lingering injuries, and a 20yr old chronic neck issue! To my amazement I walked out of my first treatment feeling unbelievably better than when I walked in. I immediately felt frustrated that I hadn't visited RX sooner. Do yourself and your body a favor, go now! I'm convinced she knows magic.
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