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Mobility for Stylists

Being a hair stylist is not easy, countless hours of standing in, while mixing in blow drying, coloring, cutting and styling all with your arms held up high!

The body pain from work can be real!! And it can slow you down during the busy holiday season! 

Don't let the pain keep you from helping all your clients! Try our mobility exercises below for your specific problem! 

Still not enough? Set up an acupuncture or massage appointment to get a jump start on the healing!!

When doing any sort of mobility it is important to make sure your muscles are warm to prevent any further injuries and to get the most out of your mobility routine. 

When working through any uncomfortable areas it is important to breathe deeply into the belly. When trying to go deeper into a stretch it is important to synchronize the movements with an exhale. 

Loving the mobility but still not enough? Click here to see what other services we offer!! 
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