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5 Tips to Boost Immunity before Back-to-School

August is the perfect time to start building your immune system to fight off the colds and allergies that come on during the fall and winter months. Here are 5 Tips from Rx Acupuncture to help...

  1. Manage Stress — Meditation, massage, exercise, a warm bath soak. Regardless of your strategy, taking time for yourself reduces the physical effects of stress that weaken the immune system. Rx Acupuncture is offering a Stress Relief Treatment Package during the month of August to support you during this busy back-to-school time.

  2. Astragalus Root — (Astragalus membranaceus) This Chinese botanical is one of the best energy and immune boosting herbs. It encourages an increase in immune cell activity, production, and function. Use the earthy root as a vegetable, chopping up a three-inch piece and adding it to soup or try 250 mg in standardized capsules twice a day.

  3. Lemon Essential Oil — Refreshing, cleansing, and tonifying, lemon oil is a fantastic antibacterial for any infection. It also stimulates the white blood cells strengthening the immune system. To fight of a cold try a steam inhalation of 3 drops of lemon oil plus 3 drops of tea tree oil in a humidifier, or in a pot of hot water (not boiling.) Place a towel over your head and pot and inhale deeply. Or put 2 drops of lemon oil on a tissue and inhale a few deep breaths.

  4. Dry Brushing — This is exactly what is sounds like: brushing the skin in a particular pattern using a dry brush. If done regularly, this practice supports the lymphatic system by helping stimulate the normal lymph flow within the body and allowing the body detoxify itself naturally. In addition, it gives you a natural energy boost by increasing circulation!

  5. Eat the Rainbow — In other words, eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables which will provide your body with the nutrients your immune system needs. Try this month's red pepper recipe to get an extra dose of Vitamin C.

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