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4 Ways To Stay Calm For Back To School

To avoid burnout and to stay calm and energized, we have some tips on how to stay routinized and keep anxiety down for the upcoming school year. So many factors can affect your stress and energy levels and in the midst of all the busyness it’s sometimes easy to lose track of ourselves and to stop checking in. So let us give you some tips on how to stay steady and calm.

1. Make sleep a priority. Put electronics away an hour before sleep. Try to refrain from doing anything that would warm your body temperature. No showers or exercise right before bed. Read before bed.

2. Make consistency a priority. This will help you and your family. Try to set meal times, bed times, homework times, study times, and electronic usage times. Of course, it won’t be perfect every day but having intentional maintenance of routine as best as possible decreases anxiety and chaos. Routine and structure creates a sense of reliance and security which helps our nervous system stay steady when we’re transitioning back to school.

3. Eat whole foods. It’s best to prevent those 4pm crashes when you’re trying to re-establish routine. Eat foods that nourish, replenish, and are ingredients on their own. As we know, this helps with the kiddos too. If they are running on sugar and white/beige foods, you will likely become drained more easily and that’s no fun for anyone!

4. Practice self-care. Whether it’s a 5 minute meditation, a walk around your neighborhood with your dog, giving yourself a massage with some oils after your shower, or making it out to an acupuncture/massage session, don’t forget to give yourself little desserts and treats now and again!

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