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6 Benefits of Facial Cupping

Facial Cupping is the process of suctioning the skin with little suction cups and then dragging the suction cup along very specific channels in the face. This enhances circulation, lymph drainage, and skin stimulation in a way that allows for rejuvenation and better Qi/blood flow in the face. The process feels amazing and leaves you with a toned, sculpted, and de-puffed face.

1. Gives instant results.

You can see results immediately after your treatment is over. Your face will look noticeably plumper and lifted. Because of the gentle stimulation your skin has just received, blood will be circulating more freely in your face and lymph will have drained.

2. Sculpts the face.

The specific movement and facial lines that the protocol follows allows for a more lifted, toned, and sculpted face. Cupping draws the skin up and back. It also stimulates collagen production.

3. Sucks out puffiness

Puffiness is usually due to lymphatic blockages, which facial cupping addresses undoubtedly. Cupping drains lymphatic fluid, decreasing excess fluid and swelling in the face.

4. Plumps in the correct places.

Cupping sucks out puffiness in the right places, but it also plumps in the right ones. It plumps the cheeks, forehead, chin, lip line, jaw and neck.

5. Pulls out wrinkles.

It helps bring more blood flow to the face, which stimulates the skin and helps produce more collagen, making the face tighter and pulling out wrinkles.

6. Helps enhance any facial treatments you will doing later.

Cupping opens up the pores so if you receive a treatment immediately or soon after the process, it allows for more absorption and deeper cleansing in the face. Asking for an add-on face mask or deep facial cleansing is perfect for a cupping treatment.

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