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Keeping A Healthy Mindset

Mindset is everything! So much of our suffering and negativity stems from a thought we don't even realize we're believing. Our thoughts become our emotions, which then become our actions. Our actions are how we engage with others and the world, so it's best to be aware of the energy behind your actions.

Having a healthy mindset is easier than you think. It really just means switching and reframing the thought for something positive and diligently practicing that every moment of the day until it becomes habitual!

Below are some tips on how to keep a healthy mindset:

Eat the Rainbow

This might seem irrelevant to a healthy mindset. However, most of the time we approach food with a lot of stress, scrutiny and negativity. We categorize food into "good" or "bad." If you eat "bad" food, you might feel like a bad person. If you eat "good" food, you might feel like a good, strong, person who is doing everything right and has everything in control. Neither of these mindsets are exactly healthy. Instead of focus on the duality of good and bad, focus on eating the rainbow. Eat all the colors you possibly can in every meal and notice the beauty in it!

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is the antidote to an unhealthy mindset. If you have a negative thought or if you find yourself in a bad mood, just list off 5 things you're grateful for. It sounds cheesy and too simple to be true, but it really does work.

Silence phone or put on do not disturb

Give yourself space and time without your phone constantly alerting you. This is especially great to do when you are socializing. Phone distractions really add up and take away from our ability to be present.

Organize and declutter your space

Your environment can really influence your internal space. A cluttered space might be unconsciously overwhelming your mind. A clean, orderly, minimal space can create peace and health of the mind.


Journaling can do wonders for your mindset. Unpacking your thoughts or moods through journaling can reveal things to you that you might not have been aware of. It is also great for purging! Just get it out.


Speaking of getting things out, sometimes things get stuck in our bodies too. If we are rushing through the day, we might be unaware of our thoughts and the emotions they are causing. We push things down, maybe think to ourselves "huh I suddenly feel weird, I'll just have another cup of coffee!", and just keep going. As things get pushed down, they get stuck in our body or muscles. Exercise and yoga can release the stagnation and help to reset nervous system. Dance is also great for moving and expression your emotions. How does your body express anger, sadness, happiness, worry? Get it all out!


Set some boundaries and say no once in a while. We get it: FOMO is real. But saying yes out of anxiety and saying yes because you really want to go are two different things. Check in with yourself and your body and ask yourself: What is my truth right now? Do I really want to do this? And just trust the answer that comes up.

Allow yourself to feel joy

Lastly, allow yourself to feel joy! Enjoy the little things. Feel joy and awe in the mundane and ordinary. Explore new things, whether it's a new coffee shop or a new state park. Remember nothing is permanent and your moments of suffering will pass. And where you put your attention is what grows. So don't focus too much on the negativity and just allow yourself to have fun.

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