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Acupuncture for Athletes

Rx Acupuncture for Athletes

Many are unaware of the benefits athletes can gain from acupuncture. So many athletes come into our practice with an empty intake form… they have zero health complaints and mention only some structural tightness or discomfort with particular movements.

Acupuncture can help you reach your next level of fitness.


Structurally optimizing mobility and range of motion can help you move faster and more efficiently. "How," you ask? At Rx Acupuncture, we evaluate your mobility patterns to find the points of weakness. Let’s consider a lunge, for example. This is a simple movement where the front leg is bent at the knee with the foot firmly flat on the ground and the other leg supporting behind. The primary muscles activated are the quadriceps, however, nine other muscles contribute to the full action of the movement. If one or more of these muscles is over-dominating, over-straining, or over-contracting an athlete will have a problem executing the movement at a high intensity or volume.

With a careful eye, we can see these imbalances and correct accordingly with ashi or trigger point acupuncture therapy. Still, just hitting those trigger points is not enough. This is where dry needling can often fall short. In acupuncture, we look for the root cause of these imbalances and treat that. Treatment in this fashion yields long term results and resolution.

Performance, Endurance & Recovery

The constant chase for improvement to excellence is a never-ending road. The fitter, healthier, or stronger we get we always want more. We are always wanting to improve, to make, to be more; its human nature to never be satisfied. True athletes, entrepreneurs, and the greats of our time know this best. We talk to clients a lot about how they feel before, during, and after their workouts. They tell us how they sleep and how they feel throughout their day-to-day. Simple tweaks in treatment, supplementation, nutrition, and workouts can yield huge results and prevent injury and burnout. As an example, one amazingly simple change is taking a magnesium supplement before bed. Not only does this make for a more restful sleep, but it can reduce muscle soreness allowing the body to better recover.

If you are trying to take your fitness to the next level reach out to Rx Acupuncture. We are here to support you in your journey toward excellence!

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