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Clearing Out your Indoor Space

May in Austin brings beautiful wildflowers, muggy weather, and flash flood warnings. Which leaves most of us stuck inside for days on end. Here are some tips for clearing out your indoor space!

1. Burn palo santo in your space- native to South American countries, palo santo translated to holy wood can help clear out negative energy or heavy feelings in your space. The sweet piney smell can instantly lift your spirits. The pleasant smoke can help elicit creativity and a grounding energy. Along with these amazing benefits it has been long used in Ecuador to ward off mosquitos and other insects.

How to use:

Light one end with a lighter, candle or match. Keep over flame for about 60 seconds. Blow out the flame and walk about your space. When finished place in a fire proof bowl; glass, metal or clay. The embers should end on its own but never leave it unattended.

2. Bring in some green- plants naturally create more oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide. Along with visibly brightening up the space they help a room feel more welcoming and cozy. Aloe, snake and spider plants are low maintenance option that yield high air purification.

3. Change your air filters- Recommendation for changing these babies is every 90 days. That jumps down to every 60 days if you have an indoor pet. If you have more than one pet or tend towards those Austin allergies change it every 20 to 45 days.

4. Diffuse - Essential oils are a wonderful way awaken a dingy musky space. They can naturally lighten the mood, freshen the air and support the respiratory system. The oils we love to use to freshen up a room are lemon, eucalyptus, grapefruit and lavender. You can use this blend or a mix of a few.

5. Use a damp cloth to dust- Dry mopping and dusting can create more dust and toxins floating around in your air space. Next time lightly dampen your dry mop or dust rag to reduce dust spread.

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