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Shift your Nervous Energy During Self-Quarantining in 5 Easy Steps

Self-quarantining is not for the faint of heart, in fact it can be quite isolating and maybe feel even a little depressing. If your are worried about the future or finding it hard to feel settled from all the news reports, or uncertainty of the future. These 5 tips can help you reset you personal space and enhance positive energy.

  1. Unplug- Turn off the TV or any other distracting devices. It can be hard to disconnect from the news, with the constant changes happening in our country, county and even local city. You might feel like you need to be up to date on all new regulations and changes happening. It can all wait for an hour or two.

  2. Play music with a frequency of 432 Hz- This frequency has been known to help the body heal, bring forth positive thoughts, and reduce stress. Here are some links of songs I found to help calm personal space. Let go of fear and over thinking Happiness Boost Positive Energy

  3. Burn Palo Santo- Many of you have seen this in our office or smelled it when you walked in. This South American Holy wood is known for clearing out negative energy, helps cultivate positive thoughts and just the ritual of walking from room to room with the wood burning, can bring forth a sense of peace. I will add a link to a previous blog on how to burn Palo Santo safely, If you do not Palo Santo I will post a link of where you can order some, or you may use sage, or even incense. How to Burn Palo Santo Where you can order Palo Santo

  4. Bring nature indoors- This can be a simple as opening the windows, or nurturing house plants. Along with this if you have any natural crystals in the house this would be a great time to wash them with salt water, and bring them to the center of the house where you can enjoy them.

  5. Be still- If you have done all things above together it is quite possible your space feels different already. Calmer, warmer and safer. If you have time just sit and enjoy for a minute or two. If you have to get back to work enjoy the new space you have created for better mental clarity.

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