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Listening to your body…

Most of you might already be in the swing of your fitness routine, but for me who is just getting back into it, checking in with how my body is feeling has never seemed more important.

After a 3 month sabbatical from running and hitting the gym, coming back has been rough. Every workout and every step has felt like an uphill battle. Waking the next morning and physically not being to get out of bed or wash my hair in the shower has been painful.

During my first 3-plus mile run in months, I came to a revelation. One it was a bad idea to venture out on this run at 2 in the afternoon, when the Texas heat is just beginning to peak. Two I was severely dehydrated! And three I should be patient with myself and how my body is feeling… How many of us are way too hard on ourselves during workouts, then don’t give our bodies the support needed to fully recover?

Here are some tips for supporting your body post workout!

Drink Drink Drink… and I don’t mean margaritas!! Water is KEY!! The extra water helps flush out the stagnant lactic acid that builds up in the muscles. Substances like alcohol and caffeine acts as diuretics which can dehydrate you more, so if you are indulging in those make sure to double your water intake.

Mobility- We are all guilty of finishing a workout and rushing straight home to shower and get on with our day. But taking 5 to 20 minutes after workouts to stretch and roll out can make a huge difference in performance and preventing injuries.

  • If you are too busy to roll out after, a good trick is taking a lacrosse or tennis ball to work. Roll out on the clock, saves you time and makes you money

Massage- While yes massage feels amazing it is also great for you!! There are some great benefits like improved blood circulation, range of motion, immunity and muscle soreness. Massage is also great for muscles that are overworked or endure repetitive movements or strain.

Eat More Protein- Proteins are the building blocks of life… so eat more of them! Eating lean complete proteins such as egg whites, meat and fish will help rebuild those broken down muscles without adding extra fat around the waist. Don’t forget to add in dark leafy greens they can help balance the pH in your body and speed up recovery time.

Sleep- This may be the most important component for optimal recovery. The term beautyrest should not be underestimated. Getting adequate sleep can reduce weight gain and improve muscle recovery while also taking care of those bags and dark circles around the eyes. A minimum of 8 hours is suggested for improved recovery and performance!!

Treat your body like it belongs to someone you love ~

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