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Healthy Gift Ideas For The Holidays

Whether it's for the athlete, the skin enthusiast, the foodie, the graduate student, or the yogi, we've got some ideas for just about everyone in this list!


Lila's Naturals is locally made here in Austin, TX. Their Face Butter leaves you with skin feeling like satin! The Banana Smoothie Mask has exfoliating and smoothing properties and smells amazing! The Cleansing Grains leaves your skin feels smooth, clean, exfoliated without the harsh chemicals that are usually in facial cleansers. The main ingredients are simply oats and coconut milk powder! So nourishing and decadent!


Luza's CBD Balm is amazing for relieving pain from tight and sore muscles after a big workout. Magnesium Balm has very similar effects but it also can help with stress, anxiety, and sleep, which is great for pre-tournament or if you're just an athlete that needs something to supplement your recovery. Supple Leopard is an amazing book by Dr. Kelly Starrett. It details all the ways that you can use mobility techniques at home to release tension and tightness in muscles. This is an enclyclopedia of sorts for athletes. Whether you want to know more about improper body habits, ways to release ankle pain, or tricks to improve your squat, this book has a wealth of knowledge that is applicable to anyone active!


Hawthorne Berries are great stocking stuffers! They are Chinese Medicine chewables that help with bloating, digestive issues, and overeating. The Tao of Nutrition is a great book for any foodie who is interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine with regards to food. It explores the five elements and the opposing energies of Yin/Yang and how they apply to food. You learn about specific foods and their healing properties, conditions and how food could help, and different Chinese Medicine recipes and remedies. Nutrition Healing with Chinese Medicine is similar its philosophies and how Chinese medicine applies to food. It is just formatted more like a traditional recipe book. Each book has its own special insight and would be perfect for the foodie interested in learning more about TCM!


Grad school is a stressful time. A lot of things are competing for time and energy and it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the tasks at hand. Herbalogic's Fixed Focus is great for boosting alertness and focus. It supports the concentration and clarity you need during grad school to prioritize and work on assignments. This is an amazing coffee replacement as it spares you the jitters!

Study time involves a lot of sitting. Reading and writing is great for the mind but can take a toll on the body. Magnesium Balm is amazing for sore and tight muscles. It also helps ease stress and promotes better sleep. It is the miracle mixture for students!

Lastly, Palo Santo is a great energy cleanser. This is great for the grad student who is stuck on their assignment or research. Maybe a rejuvenating energetic reset will get those ideas and words flowing again!


Lacrosse balls are a great addition to a yogi's practice. Place them on a yoga block and dig into your calves, glutes, quads, or shoulder muscles. This helps release any tension from all the warriors and chaturangas yogis are constantly doing. The Worm is similarly therapeutic but because it is a string 4 slightly softer balls, packaged all together, you dig into the full surface area of the back or legs more easily. Eye Pillows as we all know are amazing for yogis and yoginis. Throw these into your yoga bag and use them during savasana for a more grounding and aromatherapeutic experience!

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