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Cleaning Up Your Squat

We all know that squats are important whether you’re an avid weightlifter, pregnant Mama, or just someone who is trying to feel good and stay out of the nursing home.

First lets talk about why squats are important! Adding squats into your workout routine can help improve balance and stability while increasing muscle mass. We use these muscles on a daily basis and an imbalance can cause many problems such as low back pain, sciatica, hip and knee pain, incontinence and more.

How do you know if you know if your squat needs tidying up?

If you’re feeling pain or weakness with squatting

If you’re unable to get to below parallel

If you have an abnormally wide stance or have you feet pointed out too much

If you’re folding your back under weight

If your knees are bowing in

If your plateauing in strength

…. We can help!

Follow these mobility technique each day and see noticeable improvement! Still having trouble we can set up an Acupuncture Squat Assessment to get you on the right track! Book Here

Wondering what you are targeting with these exercises?

Ankle mobility- The feet and ankles help support your entire body during a squat. The shin and calf roll help actively release adhesions and immobility in the foot and ankle.

Adductor smash- can do wonders for not only releasing your adductors but can also take pressure off the glute medius muscle. If you are noticing an instability in the knees when pushing out of the bottom this is the move for you.

Posterior Chain- Strength is important but resilience and elasticity is paramount. Movements such as the hamstring smash, down dog, walk the dog, and the seated pretzel are going to help bring more movement into that posterior chain. Strength is flexibility.

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