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Lemon Water... Why Not?

Why drink lemon water? I think the better question is why NOT?? The health benefits of drinking a tall glass of warm or room temperature water with half of a fresh squeezed lemon are remarkable.

TONIFYING- Most everyone has heard that lemons turn alkaline once in your system. They help the body lower it high acidity levels which cause headaches, fatigue, and decreased brain function... How many of is suffer from that... I know my brain could be functioning better!!

REGULATION: For any of you who have actually tired drinking a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning you know that almost 90% of the time a few minutes after finishing it your rushing off to the restroom. For those of you who haven't tired this awesome regulating trick I highly suggest it!

DIGESTION: Lemon water can also help with the painful burning of indigestion!!! The lemon will help sedate the high acid levels, and calm the burning pain, along with gas and bloating. Everyone will thank you for that!!

IMMUNITY: Lemon has anti-pathogenic properties!!! Which means.... it helps you not get sick!! WHOO HOO!!! Can you imagine taking something every morning to boost your immunity... well mother nature made it happen! Not to mention the high levels of natural vitamin C you can't go wrong.

LIVER SUPPORT: For those who like to live it up on the weekend at your favorite micro-brewery, or you John Travoltas at the night club. Lemon water come monday morning should be your new best friend. The lemon helps reboot your liver after a long night of processing your good time.

TRIM IT UP: Lemon has been known to kick your metabolism into high gear!! The high vitamin C and antioxidant content helps the body breakdown the fat for energy! So instead of those appetite suppressors and trimspa gimmicks let your body lose weight the healthy and sustainable way.

So.... If anyones up for the challenge!! 21 days of Hot water and lemon in the morning before coffee AND breakfast!! You can do it!! Let me know how you feel!!

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