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Orange Spiced Tea

This orange spiced tea is steeped with orange peel, cinnamon, and ginger. It's lung and dryness healing properties make it the perfect tea to cozy up with on a chilly fall day. Because orange is known to moisten lungs and resolve mucus, it's a great ingredient to utilize during cold and allergy season. It also strengthens spleen, quenches thirst, and promotes body fluids which can help lessen the discomfort due to hot flashes.
  • 5 bags black tea

  • peel from 1 medium orange

  • 3 cinnamon sticks

  • 2-inch ginger, peeled and sliced into disks

  • 6 cups boiled water


  1. In a large glass pitcher, add black tea bags, orange peel, cinnamon sticks, and sliced ginger. Pour just boiled water over spices. Allow to steep for 6-8 minutes.

  2. Strain out tea bags, orange peel, cinnamon, and sliced ginger.

  3. Serve warm or chilled. Makes 6 servings.​

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