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How TCM Helps With Athletic Recovery

Calling all athletes!!

Are you putting in the hard work at the gym at the gym? But still noticing slow gains, extreme soreness, sleeplessness or just not feeling like you're performing at optimum levels?

Traditional Chinese Medicine helps in so many ways to get you to where you want to be.

Prevention and Recovery

TCM looks at the body holistically. It takes into account body constitution (what the body tends to, or where the weaknesses are) and helps P R E V E N T what injuries or problems could arise in the future.

Just because things are not presenting themselves now does not meant that they might not come up later if continual stress persists.

Acupuncture, Cupping, Gua Sha, and Tuina all help to minimize and alleviate any stress or tension the body is carrying. Maximizing prevention and recovery through TCM can get you better results.

Nourishment and Support

Exercise is amazing for the body but it is still a stressor on the body. High intensity exercise taxes and depletes what we call Qi and blood.

Replenishing and nourishing the Qi and blood with TCM nutrition and TCM herbs can benefit recovery, reduce inflammation, promote better sleep, and in turn improve performance.

TCM builds on itself. Every treatment or thing you do at home supplements one another. Keep at it and bring TCM to your home to keep your progress going.

Here are some staples for every Athlete to carry in their bag or keep at home to make sure their muscles and joints stay supple!

1. MOODMINDED'S MAGNESIUM BALM is perfect for your competition bag. It helps with soreness, insomnia and anxiety. Slater a little pre and post event. A little goes a long way!

2. MOXABUSTION...a Moxa what? These sticks are filled with an amazing herb called mugwort. We originally used this for Cross Fit Athlete Bethany Shadburne to help her recover during regional events, only to later discover it's amazing pre-workout too.

3. RX'S SOFT TISSUE AND TENDON SOAK has all the traditional Chinese herbs perfect for muscle soreness, tears and sprains. Just add water, boil and soak your troubles away.

4. HERBALOGIC'S BACK IN ACTION herbal tincture is perfect if you want to recover from a killer workout such as a Murph or a Marathon Row. Add some drops to your water and drink throughout the day.

5. DEE DAT JOW TOPICAL is the way to go for any trauma to the muscles. This herb infused topical combats pain while treating the problem area by removing inflammation, stagnation and swelling.

6. LACROSSE BALL: Make sure you're doing mobility! Crushing it then rushing back to the office to sit at the computer all day is doing more harm than good.

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